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Tuff Drop present BLAZE UP w/ Masada Foundation

Dove: Perugia

Caffè ForteBraccio - Piazza Fortebraccio - Perugia
Data di inizio: 11/01/2017 dalle ore 18:00 alle ore 23:00

real reggae roots party in Perujah Town!
Mercoledi 11 Gennaio 2k17 @ Caffè ForteBraccio
start 18:00 Free Entry Only Good Vibes
pre & after: Mr.JOINT SELECTA & ZIONET
special guest Masada Foundation Sound
reggae/roots/raggamuffin/rocksteady/dub vinyl selection
Masada Foundation Sound, was founded in Perugia (IT) around 2008 by a group of true friends who love Reggae music and the whole culture who orbits arounds the jamaican parties; from the early years to the last good sensation.
The Masada selecters started to collect 45’s and Lp around 2004, with a deep addiction to the foundation artist, early dancehall, so they start to play sound when them and a lot of rudeboys, used to lockoff the gate of the High School for a week and put on the speaker box for the school massive.. then they did a lot of danz in the venue called Centro Sociale with a good impressions on the elders of the city. After a while, I-Shence Sound and Bashfire, get captured by the style of Masada Foundation and then decided to put them in their parties, so Masada had the chance to play in many danzhall at Norman, Lido, Bazooka, Rework, Loop Cafè, Parco Sant’Angelo, Kickapoo longside sounds and artist like I-Shence, Bashfire, Manhali, Farisan Hi Fi, Always Loving Jah, Lampa Dread, Triggafinga, General Levy, King Lanzi, Blasta Beat, Kunta Kinte, Roots N’ Stones, Trasimedia and a lots of local sounds.
After a lot of party, and a tons of vinyl from whole heap a genres, Masada started to cut dubplates in a irregular way looking forward to have foundation, reggae, ragga riddim and new or old artist on the same track, so that increased the hype and the style of the sound. In the years Masada came out with nuff mixtape even in combo with Dj Chiskee/Bashfire( was involved in collaboration in a project called BelliComeIlSoul (, born for bring consciousness, knowledge and parties of the worldwide black music scene, from Soul music to the last sensation. Trough the years masada team started to write on a blog called Solid Foundation Reggae ( which includes “material” like mixtapes, audios, albums and clashes of sounds from all over the world.
All these things made Masada Foundation a versatile sound every ready to play in danzhall, parties and soundclash.
As the name Masada stands for “Rock” and for “Foundation”, we can tell you for sure that we’re never forget where we come from; as far as we go we’ll continue to push our things in the proper way as the sound was built for.
Stay Focus!
Masada Foundation Sound


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